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Control unit

Powered by Duet3d, purposed for microfluidics, our control unit is your solution in any microfluidic experiment. Whereither you need to pump reagents at nanoliter flows or heat them, Labm8 can do it all, simultaneously, pre programmed.

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Labm8 web control

Installation free, regular updates, open for modifications. Create complex experiments in an intuive way.

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Syringe pumps

Minimalistic all-metal design capable of moving liquids in any direction.

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Modularity at it's core

Why only moving a syringe, if you can also move a syringe pump? Our syringe pumps can also be used as XY motion platforms.

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Why choose Labm8?

We provide you with the world's most modular microfluidic platform. Our platform is easy to use for both simple and complex experiments.

  • All-metal

    Build from parts commonly used in CNC machines

  • Open for modifications

    Attach our modules, or your own and integrate them in Labm8 web control.

  • Novel research oppertunities

    Labm8 can do a lot, more than we as developers can think of or preprogram, let us help become your ideas reaility.

  • Quality products at a fair price

    Perform state of the art microfluidic experiments without breaking the bank.